Hold Fast To What Is Good

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“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.”
I keep finding myself seeking truth in the pages of Romans 12.
Hold fast to what is good.

These words are so full of substance and wisdom.

In times of uncertainty how do we actively cling to what is good? It begins with a desire to know what is good and what is true. It begins with desiring the Lord and in Him we lack no good thing.
His love is sufficient and His faithfulness is constant.

When we are stripped of everything else what do we have to hold on to?

In seasons of refinement, we are all seeking something to grasp and to cling to. Yet we have the faithful words of the Lord to draw from and to cling to. We are unable to live in defeat while living in the presence of the Lord.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that what is good, is Jesus and His unfailing word.

He meets you right where you are.

“Come find what this world cannot offer
Come and find your joy here complete
Taste the living water, never thirst again
Rest here in His wondrous peace

Oh the goodness, the goodness of Jesus
Satisfied, He is all that I need
May it be, come what may, that I rest all my days
In the goodness of Jesus”

Hold fast to what is good. Hold fast to his word and who he says he is. When we fill our minds with things of God, his grace, love and mercy will overflow out of us.


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