Custom Bridal Bouquet

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Brides, this is for you! Wether you're getting married soon or you've been married for years, this custom bridal bouquet portrait is the perfect way to preserve your beautiful florals for the sweet years to come.

Heres how to order:

STEP 1: Select the size painting you would like, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout!

STEP 2: If you are a new bride, have your photographer intentionally take 3-5 photos of your bouquet. Have one photo straight on photo of the bouquet, one showing the ribbon or lace used and one capturing the details of the blooms. You can also send me any phone photos you have showing off the bouquet to incorporate any other details. The more photos the better! Email Amber ( the photos of your bouquet and let me know if any specific details need to be highlighted. Otherwise, I will use my creative freedom to do what best suits the painting.

STEP 2: If the wedding has already happened, email Amber ( 3-5 photos of your bouquet. It is best if this can include a straight on photo, one showing the true color of the blooms, and the flower and ribbon details. I can even work from some bridal portraits or group photos as long as the bouquet is featured of course! Send me your photos (even phone photos) and I will recreate your beautiful blooms! 

STEP 3: Notify me if you would like a photo of your painting before it is shipped. Otherwise, I will send it out as soon as it is complete! If you would like to proceed with free local pickup use the discount code: STUDIOPICKUP to wave shipping costs and we will arrange a time for you to pick up your painting. (Local to Gainesville area only)